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Golden State Warriors’ New Arena

Got to check out Dub Nation’s new home at the Chase Center in San Francisco. 

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk up to Thrive City Plaza is the gigantic big screen on the outside of the arena. It’s 74 x 42 foot large. Fans who don’t have tickets to games can watch from the plaza where the pre- and post-game broadcast typically take place. 

When you enter bowl of the arena, you again are nearly blinded by a ginormous screen. The LED scoreboard takes over the reign of largest in the league at 9,699 square feet. It’s so large that it has to have smaller screens within the bottom of it to display stats for those sitting closer to the court since there’s no way someone can crane their neck comfortably enough to see the larger side screens from courtside.     

The arena is sleek and pretty. The restaurants and bars feel like they could be stand alone places with the atmosphere they create and attention to detail they entail. One of my favorite features though is that the concessions are all local restaurants. The fact that I can get a fried chicken sandwich from none other than Bakesale Betty’s while watching the game – heavenly! 

The arena is definitely state of the art and beautiful. Now it’s time to see if fans can make it roar like Oracle.  


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