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Let Me Introduce Myself…

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My name is Katie. Welcome to my website!

What I do for a living: I’m an emcee and TV Host for the NBA’s OKC Thunder. I’m also the video host for deadCenter Film Festival each June in Oklahoma City.

I genuinely love sports! I’ve played soccer my entire life and feel like it’s a big part of what’s shaped me to be who I am today. That’s one reason why I love my gig with the Thunder. The chance to be around sports as my job is something I never take for granted. I still remember the feeling of the Thunder playing their first playoff game against the LA Lakers. Looking around the arena, all the fans wearing the same color, standing and cheering, showing their appreciation to the players as they entered the court for shoot around – it was so amazing…a feeling only sports can give you. I’ll talk more about my love of sports on this site, but just know that I think it’s such a powerful tool to bring people together, spotlight positive messages, and allow people to have experiences they may never have anywhere else, or again for that matter!

I’m a huge fan of learning…constantly learning. The world is so big, with so many people, cultures, unknowns and knowns. I thoroughly enjoy learning new things and having new experiences. I’m especially a tech fan. I love getting my hands on new technological developments and learning how they can further improve our society and daily lives. I wouldn’t call myself an early adaptor, but I’m not far behind if possible.

Doing puzzles, singing, laughing, hanging with friends and family, and reading inspiring books are just some of the things that help me relax and enjoy my time on this earth. I believe in magic, karma, endless possibilities, following your dreams…and I love a challenge.

So please join me, check in, hang out for a while…as I document my journey through life, randomness, and all the glorious pit stops along the way.

Thanks for showing interest in my little corner of the world.


4 Responses to Let Me Introduce Myself…

  1. beth harper says:

    loving it and you’ve done a great job (or at least from
    what my uneducated eyes see)on your site! Hugs and love…looking
    forward to all you have to say

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  3. Susen Foster says:

    Hey there!! You are at the top of my “Most Amazing Women in
    Oklahoma” list – a legend in your own time. And it is Time to tell
    the world – see where it takes you. If you need someone to “toot”
    your horn for you, I know a pretty good writer (me). Seriously –
    Don’t stop now. You have the world by the proverbial

  4. Coel says:


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