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Moving West : From Oklahoma to California

You may now know we just moved to California’s Bay Area. I told most everyone I spoke with before we left Oklahoma that I would post videos and photos of our three-day road trip on social media so our friends and family could basically make the trip with us. What I didn’t know at the time though was how gut wrenching and exhausting the actual move would be. So I essentially went radio silent.

The months leading up to the move were so difficult. We had to say “see you later” to family, friends who have become family, our jobs, our first house together, our favorite restaurants, the spots Derek would take me when I was feeling down, when I wanted to explore, have fun, or just be.

It felt like our world was expanding and imploding all at the same time. So I ended up closing myself off as much as possible.

Now that we’re settled and starting to feel comfortable in our new home, I still want to share our trip to get here! So here it goes…

We got a much later start than we were hoping to on a Thursday night. The original plan was to drive about half of the 24-hour trip on the first day so the rest of it would fly by. However, we left OKC at 11pm that Thursday. So instead, we just drove 4 hours to Amarillo. We had our two 80lb dogs and everything we could possibly fit in the car that didn’t make it onto the moving truck. Our car was packed so full that even one little thing out of place wouldn’t allow the doors to shut. We joked that it was like a pro-level Tetris game.

The pups have never been in a hotel, so the first night was a bit stressful – especially having to sign a document saying they could kick us out if the dogs were too noisy – but they surprisingly did really well and got the hang of things pretty quickly. They also did great in the car, although about halfway through the first long day of driving they were looking at us like – uhhh are we there yet!? 

After a few solid hours of sleep that first night, we hit the road for the longest portion of our trip!

Before we left Amarillo however, we stopped at Cadillac Ranch. It’s something I’ve always seen pictures of, but never been to myself. Cadillacs are buried nose first, halfway under ground and people stop to take pictures and graffiti them. It’s a cool ever-changing art installation that you actually get to be a part of.

After that, we determined that if we stayed the course, we could make it to see the Barringer Crater just before it closed. Derek said it felt like a real Griswold Walley World moment. We pulled into the parking lot literally 5 minutes before they locked the doors. Derek had been there before, so he stayed in the car with the dogs while I sprinted through admissions and out to the lookout area. It was a pretty cool experience. One of those moments that makes you feel tiny in this gigantic universe.

On our final day of the trip and for our last tourist stop, I noticed we’d be passing the Mojave National Preserve. So we detoured into the desert and found some incredible sand dunes. They were so tall and pure white. We didn’t come prepared to hike in the sand so we spent a bit of time just walking around them.

After that we got our first taste of California traffic (making our last leg of the trip twice as long as it should’ve been) before finally arriving at our new apartment in the Bay Area late Saturday night…and yes, we had In-N-Out as our first Cali meal haha! 

A bit of back-story for this next photo – I collect fortune cookie fortunes. I believe that you’re always right where you’re supposed to be and I like to look for signs from the universe reassuring me of that fact. Fortune cookie fortunes always seem to be pretty accurate for me. As I was unpacking, this one fell out of a box that it wasn’t even supposed to be in. I like to think it’s God/the universe/my angels telling me that this move, no matter how difficult it was, is going to work out just fine.






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  1. Tara says:

    Love it! Cannot wait to come visit you guys!! And yes, that crater certainly makes one feel quite insignificant in this huge universe!!

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