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Thunder Day at The K

I thought I was just going to watch the Royals game on Sunday; instead I became a part of it. I joined a car full of Thunder entertainment staff for a road trip to Kansas City over the weekend to observe the second annual Thunder Day at Kauffman Stadium.

We gathered just outside the ballpark as the Drummers scoped out where they would play once fans began to arrive. We were escorted into the ballpark by Nicole who is the Manager of Event Presentation. She took us to a large room the Thunder Girls, Drummers and staff could use as a main base then whisked a few of us off to join her for pregame meetings – similar to ones we have before every Thunder game.

The first meeting was with the KCrew, the Royals’ entertainment team. They went over all the fan interaction and presentation aspects of the game, assigned responsibilities and made sure everyone was on the same page. The second meeting was with the production crew, emcee and other game day talent and staff. Nicole went through the entire rundown again as they decided which camera angles would be best for all the pregame activities and inning turns. When the meetings were over our group was released to a suite to watch the game.

However, Nicole asked if Malcolm and I would be interested in joining their emcee, Danaya, to host pregame. Are you kidding, of course we would! We’ll jump at any opportunity to spread a little Thunder cheer. We knew it would be a little different from emceeing at Chesapeake Arena, but once you learn the flow of the show and the messaging you should be able to fall into a good rhythm, which we felt like we did for the most part. What we didn’t anticipate however was how hot it would be! Don’t get me wrong, it gets hot in Oklahoma, but the majority of our job in OKC is indoors…in the A.C.!

Malcolm and I felt like wimps as Danaya went from live segment to segment virtually unfazed by the heat. We introduced a Thunder Girls performance, said hello to Thunder fans, watched as Danaya hosted a Royals trivia contest between kids and adults (the kids won!), and we introduced the Drummers as they performed and led a “Let’s go Royals!” chant.

Danaya is a true pro and was so gracious to let us join her for the pregame show. We learned a lot about how their production works and a little about ourselves as well…we’re babies in the heat! When the pregame show was over, we took our seats in the suite overlooking home plate to watch Rumble throw out the first pitch and eventually the Royals pull off a bottom of the ninth walk-off victory. All in all it was a great day to be a Royals fan and a Thunder employee, and an even better day to emcee my first MLB game!


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