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Up Next…Surgery!

Long story short, I’m having arthroscopic hip surgery this Friday to correct a femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and labral tear.

I’ve been dealing with pain in my hip, hip flexor, groin, glutes and lower back for over a year and a half. While playing soccer, I was tackled and landed on my hip really hard and awkwardly. I’ve had pain ever since.

My doctor did X-rays, sent me to physical therapy, and tested for autoimmune disorders to see if there was a larger underlying cause because of all the symptoms I had. When all of that came back negative we did an MRI, which showed a possibility of a labral tear. She suggested seeing an orthopedist.

While researching what a labral tear was (torn cartilage in the hip) I learned arthroscopic surgery was usually the next step, so I began looking for surgeons who specialize in it. I’m one of those people who researches everything until I’m exhausted with information. I learned that many people end up going out of state to find a surgeon who specializes in hip arthroscopy. However, in my search, I ran across a surgeon right here in OKC who not only specializes in this surgery, but was also an associate team physician for the U.S. Women’s and Men’s National Soccer Teams and L.A. Galaxy! For someone who plays soccer and is obsessed with the national teams, I took this as a sign that this was exactly where I was meant to be.

In my first meeting with Dr. Brandon Johnson, he decided he wanted to do another MRI, this time with contrast, just to be 110% certain about my diagnosis. The results of that MRI told us that I also had an impingement and pretty bad arthritis already developing. One of the worries of leaving this injury alone is that arthritis can progress more rapidly.

When I learned of the possibility of a labral tear about a month ago, I began doing strengthening exercises and stretches that focus on the hip, butt and core areas. Those are the areas that will be doing the most work in my recovery, so I wanted to strengthen them as much as possible beforehand so they’ll hopefully bounce back quicker afterwards. (Thank you Tru You for all your help!)

Now, all that’s left to do is get through the surgery and begin the journey of recovering. I’ll be on crutches for quite awhile. Everyone seems to be different in how quickly they get back to full strength, but I anticipate it’ll be close to a year before I feel completely 100% again. Although I’m getting nervous and anxious, I’m relieved to have an answer as to why I’ve been in pain for over a year and I’m ready to get to work on my recovery!


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